Season 7

When will the server start?

The server will start 11/04/2020

The IP will be mc.quinquadcraft.online.

What are the server rules?

The servers rules will be largely the same as previous seasons, with a few additions for the new plugins.

  1. No use of any modification that provides an unfair advantage (hack clients, auto clickers, macros, ect.)

  2. No X-Ray texture packs

  3. No Griefing, or stealing in claimed land. Small trolling and non-destructive pranks are ok

  4. Do not abuse claims by claiming important structures or locations

  5. Do not build lag machines or lavacasts

  6. Do not exploit bugs or glitches (e.g., duplication glitches)

  7. No hate speech (i.e., racism, sexism, homophobia, insulting Chillinit or Eminem)

  8. Do not use the world seed to gain an unfair advantage

  9. Do not create a claim within 4 chunks of someone else's claim without permission

First Punishment: Warning

Second Punishment: Playerdata reset

Third Punishment: Ban

To access the rules in-game, type /rules.

What is my balance?

Your balance can be used to expand your claim, buy items from other player's shops and safely store diamonds.

/diamondexhange - Exchange diamonds for money

/bal <player> - Shows you or another player's balance. (leave name blank to see your own balance)

/baltop - Shows balance leaderboard. This does not include diamonds or money in claim banks.

How to earn money?

Your balance can be used to expand your claim, buy items from other player's shops and safely store diamonds.

You can earn money from:

Other Players:

  • Exchanging diamonds (/de)

  • Selling items on the Auction House (/ah)

  • Selling items in chest shops - More Info

  • Taxes on land - More Info

  • Renting and selling land - More Info

  • Winning chat games - More Info

What is land claiming?

Land claiming protects an area from other players. If an area is claimed, other players cannot open containers or harm entities in it. If you are the owner of a claim you can ban people from entering your claim, start wars, rent/sell areas, and will have an area on the webmap.

How to claim land

Alias for /lands command is /l

Create a selection and claim land

  1. Enter the selection mode with /Lands selection and select two corners (like a worldedit wand) for your claim.
    Claims are 2D (i.e., they always go from Y=0 to Y=256; the height isn't variable)

  2. Use /Lands claim to claim the area
    If no selection
    has been made, it will claim the chunk you're standing on.

  3. Open the lands menu to manage your land with /Lands menu

  4. To use the commands for a different land
    Execute /Lands edit <land>
    All following commands will be executed for this land.

How to unclaim land

To unclaim a chunk, stand in the chunk and type /land unclaim.

You will only get 75% of the buy price back.

Select a Land for Editing

Execute /Lands edit <land>

Following commands will be executed for this land.

How to add trusted people to my claim (basically inviting)

Trust Players

Execute /Lands trust <player> [area or * for whole land] Alternatively open your land menu and go to players

and click on the 'Trust Player' button.

Untrust Players

Execute /Lands untrust <player> [area or * for whole land] Alternatively open your land menu and go to players

and click on the 'Untrust Player' button.

Toggle Permissions for Players

  1. Open your lands menu by executing /Lands

  2. Click on the roles item

  3. Open the role settings menu

  4. Configure the settings to your liking

Promote / Demote Players

  1. Open your lands menu by executing /Lands

  2. Click on the players item

  3. Use left click to promote and right click to demote

What are land areas?

Land areas are sub areas inside a claim. These areas are three dimensional, that means that they are not bound to chunks but instead to blocks. You can trust players to specific areas and apply flags for it, like you would do for a claim.

How to add land areas

Step 1:

First open your land menu with /Lands menu and click on the areas item.

Step 2:

Now click on the add area button. After this you will need to enter the area name in chat.

Step 3:

After that you will notice that the area will popup in the menu and give you instructions how to set the size of it.

Step 4:

The selection is set. It will display it to you live. You can make changes as you wish. Then just execute /Lands selection assign to finish the setup.

Trusting Players and setting Flags

By opening the areas menu again and clicking on the area, you can trust players to this specific area and edit flags. You can do everything for this specific area, like it is a land.

What is renting and selling

Renting and selling allows for land owners to set up rent/sale signs to put sub areas up for rent/sale.

What are wars?

Alias for /wars command is /w, type /warrules for rules in war.

1. Declare War

To declare war against your enemy, type /Wars declare <land>.

Now a menu will open which asks you about setting a tribute. This tribute will be payed by the enemy (defender) in case they surrender later.

After you clicked on the send button, the enemy will receive your war declaration with information, like when the war starts and which tribute you set in case they want to surrender.

2. War Preparation Time - 1 Minute

After the declaration is sent, there is one minute of war preparation. This allows all team members to return to their bases, get geared up, or deposit valuable items. By executing /Wars info or /Wars menu you can get information about the upcoming war.

3. The War starts

When the war preparation time is over all players of both lands are able to fight against their enemy. There may be certain options enabled on your server that prevent invading the enemies land, while their players are offline. By executing /Wars info or /Wars menu you can get information about the current war.

4. During the War - 1 Day

During the war time you will be able to invade the enemies land. If you decide to surrender and pay the tribute, type /war surrender.

5. The War is over

The maximum war time is 24 hours. The team with the most kills wins the war. The winning team will be rewarded with 10% of the defenders claim (from their bank). If both teams have the same amount of kills, the war will end in a draw and no team will be rewarded.

How to use the auction house

Alias for /auctionhouse command is /ah

This is the main page (/auctionhouse).

  • To browse auctions, click the gold block

  • To view your bids, click the golden carrot

  • To list something on the auction house, click the golden horse armour.

This is the browser page (Gold Block)

  • On the left is the categories, if you prefer to browse all items, click the globe on the bottom

  • Use the sign to search

  • Use the hopper to modify search filters.

This is the Bid Viewer Page (Carrot)

  • This page lists all of your bids

  • Hover over the item for more information

  • You can click on the item to open its store page if you want to make another bid.

This is the manage auction page (Gold horse armour)

  • Click an item in your inventory to select it for selling.

  • The powered rail changes the auction to a BIN auction (Buy it now)

  • The clock adjusts the time the auction will be live

  • The gold ingot adjusts the auction's starting price

  • The Green concrete makes the auction public

How to put images on maps (Make custom maps)

Step 1: Find the image you want to use and copy its URL. If the image is not on the internet or the URL doesn't work, you can upload it to sites like imgur.

Step 2: Type /maptool new <URL> <resize> to get the map. The resize argument is not necessary, but you will want to use it if you are placing the maps on item frames.

Step 3: Place the item frames in a grid and put the map in the bottom-left frame.

Example: /maptool new https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/1qqHLc_xEB1FK_nxDADsMx4hX3D6Fd9RyS-HGcomxDEnVfMQPa8US29Iaz8wTSkZbrpHzuJsnhlo-t5stnHjJqy3jeP_t5-QuE6LkkRh3fA_-ADkQVTWE_DAXX5Xo-Qphw=w1280 3 3

Custom Enchant List

Type /es list

How to hide on the webmap?